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Pony Express Quest




  1. Students will need to number off: 1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,.... (Remember your Numbers!!!) Numbers 1 and 2 make up GROUP STATION KEEPERS, numbers 3 and 4 make up GROUP RIDERS, and number 5 makes up GROUP STOCK MANAGERS.

  2. Group Station Keepers will become experts on Station Keepers. Go to the "Station Keepers" section of the Role page and complete the activities there.
    Group Riders will become experts on Riders. Go to the "Riders" section of the Role page and complete the activities there.
    Group Stock Managers will become experts on Stock Managers. Go to the "Stock Managers" section of the Role page and complete the activities there.

  3. Get into groups of 1,2,3,4,& 5 and share what you have learned/discovered with the rest of your group. (Optional) Come up with a group name and/or character names (go to for character name ideas).

  4. Each group will then use their expertise to write a proposal. Pretend that cars, airplanes, telegraphs, etc. were never invented and you want the Pony Express to come through your county (or a county of your choosing). Your proposal needs to include:
  • The official name of your Pony Express Company
  • Where your express is coming from--a starting point, and where it is going--an ending point (these could even be major towns in your state--they are not limited to a specific county)
  • An estimate for how much it will cost
  • How many stops are needed (so you will have to know how large your county is or the distance between the major towns you chose)
  • What towns will become stations, where they are located, and why they are best for this purpose
  • An approximation of how long it would take for you to carry the mail from your starting point to your ending point
  • What kind of horses you would use for the area you chose, why you chose them, as well as how much weight is appropriate for a horse doing this job to carry
  • What the rider would carry with him (take into consideration hostile indians, wild animals, quick sand, cliffs, or any other obstacles you may face)
  • How the stations (meaning stables, main house, etc.) should be set up for maximum efficiency.

5.  Present your proposal! You can write a formal letter of proposal using a word processing program, or you can give an oral presentation using some form of visuals (visuals could be a power point presentation, graphs, posters, drawings, etc.). Both written and oral presentations must include a map of the route you have developed.

pony express rider racing away from a station with an exuberant crowd cheering him on