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Pony Express Quest




1. Visit some of the following sites to learn more about Riders on the Pony Express (keep in mind: Where your express is coming from--a starting point, and where it is going--an ending point (these could even be major towns in your state--they are not limited to a specific county); How many stops are needed (so you will have to know how large your county is or the distance between the major towns you chose); An approximation of how long it would take for you to cary the mail from your starting point to your ending point; What the rider would cary with him (take into consideration hostile indians, wild animals, quick sand, cliffs, or any other obstacles you may face)):

2. Design and make your own "official" Pony Express badge. an official pony express badge

3. Get into your 5-person groups (2 riders, 2 station keepers, and 1 stock manager) and briefly describe what you found out about your role.

4. Prepare to help plan your own Pony Express Route.