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Pony Express Quest





old log cabin station on the Pony Express
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original photograph of two old guys who rode on the Pony Express
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horse rearing up over a small ravine
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Station Keeper:
Thank you for volunteering to be a Station Keeper on the Pony Express! Though you will not be riding, you have many people relying on you to do your job well. You are responsible for your rider's well being (ie. food and shelter), the well being of any horses in your care, as well as the regular station duties. You must be a flexible leader but also able and willing to take charge.

Station Keeper will design a "wanted" poster to hire a rider for his specific route. You will also need to design the station (keeping in mind functionality and ease of use).


The job of being the Rider carries with it great responsibility, but it also has many hardships. You must be brave, courageous, a risk taker, diligent, flexible, and able to endure bad weather, pain, and hunger. Your job is to be a good team player and be able to work with the other riders and station keepers along the route.

Rider will design an "official rider" badge that will be worn during the relay reenactment. You will also research the terrain and geography of the route as well as be responsible for deciding what to bring on the journey (keeping in mind how much weight is appropriate for a horse doing this type job).


Stock Manager:
As the Stock Manager, you are responsible for the buying of appropriate steeds. This role is vital to the success of the Pony Express. You must be wise to the ways of the horse, and to do this job well you must be a good researcher and team player. Flexibility and leadership are your best qualities.

Stock Manager will research different breeds of horses, their temperaments, and which breed would work best for the terrain upon which they will be traversing. You are also in charge of creating "horses" (stick horses) for the optional relay game. (Your role during the relay reenactment is to present obstacles and challenges to the teams along the route.)