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Pony Express Quest



Station Keeper

1. Visit some of the following sites to learn more about Station Keepers on the Pony Express (keep in mind: The official name of your Pony Express Company, Where your express is coming from--a starting point, and where it is going--an ending point (these could even be major towns in your state--they are not limited to a specific county); An estimate for how much it will cost; What towns will become stations, where they are located, and why they are best for this purpose; How the stations (meaning stables, main house, etc.) should be set up for maximum efficiency.)

2. Design and make a Wanted Poster advertising your need for riders (and any other people you think you might need to make this a successful venture).

3. Get into your 5-person groups (2 riders, 2 station keepers, and 1 stock manager) and briefly describe what you found out about your role.

4. Prepare to help plan your own Pony Express Route.