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Pony Express Quest




     Your task is to determine the best route through the wild west in order to arrive at your destination as quickly and safely as possible. might be going through Indian territory, over treacherous mountain terrains, or through over-grown forested areas, so be careful! Choose your path, your horse, and the things you will carry with you on your journey with extreme care.

colored drawing of a pony express rider fiercely galoping over the prarie

  1. Separate into three different groups: Station Keepers, Riders, and Stock Managers.

  2. Each group will investigate the purposes and actions of their individual roles then form smaller groups where they will "teach" each other about their roles.

  3. Then each group will make up their own Pony Express route and write or present a proposal about why theirs is the best.

(Optional) Reenact the Pony Express and write a journal/story or do a presentation as if you actually were a character on the Pony Express.